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A Blend of 6 Learning Concepts

In-Class Learning

Lectures and discussions conducted by Expatise Faculty Members

Distance Learning

Online Self-Study: Handbooks, e-learning tests, video lessons, peer-to-peer communities,

Adaptive Learning

Performance Responsive Learning whereby the online tests adapt to the level of the individual learner 

Performance Learning

Practice case studies and policy review during in-class sessions

Social Learning

Physical & virtual network meetings

Continuing Learning

Online Memo Training & Learning News Service

The Expatise® Learning Concept combines not only Traditional Classroom Methods and Online Digital Media, but is in fact a Blend of 6 Learning Concepts:


At Expatise Academy we have implemented the Adaptive Learning Approach in our methodology.

As the above depicted results show Adaptive e-learning is a powerful tool, not only measured in study time spent and costs per module, but also in success rate. Through constant recall by performance responsiveness new information is retained far better than traditional e-learning.

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