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What makes our learners learn most effectively

Educational psychologists and pedagogues have identified 8 principles of learning which seem generally applicable to the learning process. At Expatise® Academy we´ve transposed these "laws of learning" into building blocks for our offerings:

1. Readiness

Readiness can be translated to an eagerness for learning something.

At Expatise readiness is the underlying principle of the individualized approach we take: Learning should be self-directed and self-paced in line with a personal development path.

2. Exercise

This means that those  things most often repeated are best remembered. 

The adaptive component in our e-learning tests and the repeated learning provided by the Expatise Memo Training train knowledge in a personalized way so learners remember more.

3. Intensity

The principle of intensity implies that a student will learn more from the real thing than from a substitute.


Expatise has embodied this principle in "Best of Class Teaching": an international Faculty of Subject Matter Experts from Corporate, Consultancy, Government practice in combination with active stakeholder involvement. We not only design and implement our programs in close cooperation with stakeholders, but involve them in teaching as well:  for example country-specific lessons brought by expert practitioners from the country concerned and duo-presentations by consultancy and government representatives to indicate differences in perspectives and approaches. 

4. Effect

The learning situation should contain elements that affect the students positively and give them a feeling of satisfaction.

The Expatise Professional Certification supports the motivation for lifelong learning. It not only provides this feeling of satisfaction for achieving another mile stone in their personal development path, but also reflects the importance and complexity of their function and underpins credibility towards stakeholders. Participants in the Continuous Learning Program for the sustainment of expertise and credibility are awarded re-certification.

5. Primacy

Things learned first create a strong impression in the mind that is difficult to erase.

The importance of learning the basics principles of Global Mobility, Reward and Payroll when onboarding these professions cannot be stressed enough. At Expatise Academy we experience on a daily basis how difficult it is to erase flaws from what participants learnt themselves by doing in practice or learnt from colleagues who learnt by doing.

6. Recency

The closer the training or learning time is to the time of actual need to apply the training, the more apt the learner will be to perform successfully.

At Expatise Academy we understand that it is not only about Learning Journeys (comprehensive courses) but also about gaining knowledge at the point of need. Our on-demand learning is equipped to bringing personalized content to the learner anywhere and at anytime.

7. Freedom

The principle of freedom states that things freely learned are best learned.

The broad range of engaging, user-friendly and 24/7 accessible learning components vouch for self-directed and self-paced learning at Expatise Academy.

8. Requirement

The law of requirement states that "we must have something to obtain or do something." It can be an ability, skill, instrument or anything that may help us to learn or gain something.

The solid organization, experienced leadership, dedicated involvement of stakeholders, well thought through methodology, and state-of-the-art technology enable Expatise Academy to make happen what we promise:


An overall approach, across disciplines, countries, stakeholders, and cultures in line with a personal development path based on self-directed and self-paced learning.

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