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Advanced level - Master Course at Erasmus University

Education at an academic level


In September 2015, the Institute for Taxation and Economics (FEI) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam introduced the Master Course HR & Global Mobility. This course has been designed by Expatise® Academy and is now adopted and implemented by FEI.

What you will achieve with this Master Course

With this Master Course, you will meet the qualifications for the new generation of HR Global Mobility professionals. You will understand the coherence between the various disciplines of cross-border mobility, enabling you to provide proactive advice for the company that employs you. You will instruct external advisors and follow and check up on their activities. You will understand how jurisdictions relate to one another in an international context. You will also possess insight into compliance obligations and non-compliance consequences belonging to the various manifestations of international deployment. You will be able to estimate the effect of changing circumstances and signal risks timely. You will be capable as an expert counterpart to act proactively with respect to the correct considerations in the decision-making process regarding cases of international deployment. You will be able to make the costs and consequences of this visible and recommend alternatives. You will be capable of weighing the pros and cons in order to realise the objectives of your company. You will be able to reduce the costs while maintaining quality, realise savings and mitigate compliance risks.

The Master Course consists of a total of eight Modules in which the theory will be discussed from a multi-country, cross-disciplinary and holistic point of view. Prior to the lectures an online self-study will be provided consisting of e-learning tests, video lessons and Memo Training. Every online module needs to be completed at the latest prior to the lecture corresponding to the online module. 
On the one hand, this teaching method offers an individual course where you prepare intensively in your own time and at your own pace and, on the other hand, training in scheduled online classes that focuses on case studies and discussions with teachers and fellow students. By so doing, students can obtain advanced knowledge on and insight into the domain of international HR in general and the Global Mobility Function in particular in a relatively short amount of time.


Meet the Lecturers

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