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Ensuring quality, integrity, practice orientation and non-profit motive


It is Expatise® Academy’s mission to be a driving force for professional growth of Global Mobility, Reward and Payroll specialists and worldwide recognition of their relevance for the company’s success.

We strongly believe that we will succeed in this mission provided that high quality, integrity, practice orientation and non-profit motive (our core values) stay secured. To help safeguard these values the Academy invites distinguished corporate representatives who believe in its mission and are willing to contribute to its success by joining the Expatise Advisory Board and share with us their view on the development of organizations and the (future) needs of staff regarding:

  • learning journeys: the curriculum and examination of comprehensive courses and events

  • on-demand learning: the selection of topics and deployment of technology

  • differentiation: attuning education to the required competences of individual learners.

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