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  • Expatise Academy | Global Mobility Academy

    HR & Global Mobility Master Course Looking for a university certification? Enroll in the ONLINE Master Course at Erasmus University and join the League of Strategic GM specialists The 2023-2024 HR GM Master Course Brochure Welcome to the Expatise Global Mobility Academy, worldwide Leader in HR GM Education since 2010 Competency-based Learning R espected field experts teach you up-to-date theory using concrete cases to help you improve your company 's policy design and/or its implementation. They sharpen your decision-making skills to solve complex issues within your function and as a team. ​ International specialists educate you on the topics of Immigration law, Intercultural studies, International HRM, Global Rewards, International Labour Law, International Payroll, International Social Security and Pension, International Tax Law whether you are a junior or seasoned professional. Learn more about us Innovative Learning Solutions ​ Expatise® Global Mobility Academy is an educational foundation which develops in-depth innovative, flexible and affordable learning events, academic master courses and continuing education certification programmes for working professionals around the world, both on location and online. ​ Find out which of our many events and learning solutions suit your level and responsibilities. Take advantage of our special offers to take online courses. Network with peers from many industries and learn from our engaging instructors in person and online. Grow and invest in your employability. Learn more about our approach News from Expatise® Academy ​ The Expatise Centre launches Learning Platform on Linkedin Expatise Global Mobility Academy and WorldatWork become HR Education Partners Expatise Academy waives license fee Educate Yourself Portal Comprehensive HR GM course to start in January 2023 Online lectures of the Master course HR & Global Mobility at Erasmus University to start in January 2023 Launch of on-demand online Educate Yourself Portal with peer communities Learn more about our offerings Education, training and so much more In-depth understanding of the competencies you need to thrive in Global Mobility and Rewards ​ A holistic, two-stream learning approach: ​ Comprehensive learning: courses and events up to academic level On-demand learning at the point of need: anywhere and at any time ​ ​ Academic certification aligned with the learner's personal development path ​ In-house training to boost your team ​ On-boarding course for newly-hired staff ​ Career coaching/ advice for the next step up the career ladder, ​ and more .... Curious about which companies have taken our courses? Additional Services Our Featured Courses To find our highlighted and featured comprehensive courses, simply click the box below. Advanced level - Master Course at Erasmus University Online Master Course HR and Global Mobility at Erasmus University Rotterdam Country-specific Compliance Issues Expatise Academy's Comprehensive Training on specific topics and country-specific compliance issues View All When I first started the course I thought I knew a lot, during the course it felt like I knew nothing, by the end of the course I realised how much I had Iearned I did not know before.

  • Key Differentiators | Expatise Academy

    What sets Expatise apart from any other educator Home / Key differentiators Expatise® is a not-for-profit, collaborative network organization (foundation) dedicated to being a driving force behind the professional growth of HR Global Mobility, Comp&Ben and Payroll specialists, and worldwide recognition of their relevance for the company’s success. ​ It is our goal to not only enhance organizational readiness and enable these professionals to be adequately equipped to respond to global challenges, but also to raise global awareness about the complexity and importance of the Global Mobility, Comp&Ben and Payroll functions. Recruiting and retaining top global talent is essential to your success. ​ We offer our colleagues an innovative approach to learning that will grow expertise in their own time at their own pace and in all stages of their career. ​ And it is our dedicated team of Faculty members, Education Partners, Advisory Board members, Supervisory Board members and Knowledge Partners who truly make the difference in delivering and sustaining this differentiating learner experience in all of our activities and offerings. ​ If in-depth understanding of the challenges ahead, an open mind on innovation, the ambition to make a difference and perseverance in achieving goals are the driving forces behind your performance, than you will feel at home with us. Learning Principles Methodology Technology 2-Stream Approach Offerings Testimonials Characteristics

  • About Us | Expatise Academy

    A not-for-profit collaborative platform Home / Our Identity In 2002 Inge Nitsche founded Expatise®, a non-commercial, collaborative network of Global Mobility stakeholders. It was in this inspiring environment the Expatise Academy was born as a response to an increasingly complex getting environment in the wake of globalization. International workforce management started becoming a topic for corporations and specifically HR departments. Handling international employees was and still is a challenge for HR professionals. Education and life-long learning was regarded key for serving international employees adequately. The Team Key Differentiators Milestones

  • Our Learning Priciples | Expatise Academy

    What makes our learners learn most effectively Home / Key differentiators / Learning Principles Educational psychologists and pedagogues have identified 8 principles of learning which seem generally applicable to the learning process. At Expatise® Academy we´ve transposed these "laws of learning" into building blocks for our offerings: ​ 1. Readiness ​ Readiness can be translated to an eagerness for learning something. ​ At Expatise readiness is the underlying principle of the individualized approach we take: Learning should be self-directed and self-paced in line with a personal development path. ​ 2. Exercise ​ This means that those things most often repeated are best remembered. ​ The adaptive component in our e-learning tests and the repeated learning provided by the Expatise Memo Training train knowledge in a personalized way so learners remember more. ​ 3. Intensity ​ The principle of intensity implies that a student will learn more from the real thing than from a substitute. Expatise has embodied this principle in "Best of Class Teaching": an international Faculty of Subject Matter Experts from Corporate, Consultancy, Government practice in combination with active stakeholder involvement. We not only design and implement our programs in close cooperation with stakeholders, but involve them in teaching as well: for example country-specific lessons brought by expert practitioners from the country concerned and duo-presentations by consultancy and government representatives to indicate differences in perspectives and approaches. ​ 4. Effect ​ The learning situation should contain elements that affect the students positively and give them a feeling of satisfaction. ​ The Expatise Professional Certification supports the motivation for lifelong learning. It not only provides this feeling of satisfaction for achieving another mile stone in their personal development path, but also reflects the importance and complexity of their function and underpins credibility towards stakeholders. Participants in the Continuous Learning Program for the sustainment of expertise and credibility are awarded re-certification. ​ 5. Primacy ​ Things learned first create a strong impression in the mind that is difficult to erase. ​ The importance of learning the basics principles of Global Mobility, Reward and Payroll when onboarding these professions cannot be stressed enough. At Expatise Academy we experience on a daily basis how difficult it is to erase flaws from what participants learnt themselves by doing in practice or learnt from colleagues who learnt by doing. ​ 6. Recency ​ The closer the training or learning time is to the time of actual need to apply the training, the more apt the learner will be to perform successfully. ​ At Expatise Academy we understand that it is not only about Learning Journeys (comprehensive courses) but also about gaining knowledge at the point of need. Our on-demand learning is equipped to bringing personalized content to the learner anywhere and at anytime. ​ 7. Freedom ​ The principle of freedom states that things freely learned are best learned. ​ The broad range of engaging, user-friendly and 24/7 accessible learning components vouch for self-directed and self-paced learning at Expatise Academy. ​ 8. Requirement ​ The law of requirement states that "we must have something to obtain or do something." It can be an ability, skill, instrument or anything that may help us to learn or gain something. ​ The solid organization, experienced leadership, dedicated involvement of stakeholders, well thought through methodology, and state-of-the-art technology enable Expatise Academy to make happen what we promise: An overall approach, across disciplines, countries, stakeholders, and cultures in line with a personal development path based on self-directed and self-paced learning. Learning Principles Methodology Technology 2-Stream Approach Offerings Testimonials Characteristics

  • Gwen Keller | Expatise Academy

    Gwen Keller Home / Lecturers / Gwen Keller Get in Touch +31 20 3081412 Gwen joined Hillbrook as of September 2016 as an Immigration Director. Gwen has 19 years of experience in Dutch Immigration compliance. Before joining Hillbrook she was heading the immigration team of Deloitte in the Netherlands. Before Deloitte she was manager within the immigration department of PwC. Gwen has successfully managed global tax and immigration client accounts in a number of industries, including engineering, retail and IT. She has extensive consulting experience in establishing immigration processes and finding solutions for complex immigration situations. Next to her in-depth immigration knowledge, Gwen also has knowledge of the Dutch tax and social security system. Gwen is a regular contributor to Dutch immigration policy forums and has published several news articles. She has given multiple workshops on Dutch immigration. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Economics and Law.

  • Lyke Apontoweil | Expatise Academy

    Lyke Apontoweil Home / Lecturers / Lyke Apontoweil Get in Touch +31 6 112 102 15 Lyke is a Director of Hillbrook and has over 16 years’ experience in the field of expatriate tax, international mobility and assignment management. Before joining Hillbrook in December 2013, Lyke worked for 2 years with Boxx, an expatriate consultancy firm in Belgium. Prior to that, she worked for more than 13 years in the International Assignments group of PricewaterhouseCoopers, managing several large client engagements and providing technical advice and guidance to HR, Tax and Finance professionals on all aspects of assignments including compensation, tax and HR issues. Since 2012 Lyke has been a teacher at the Expatise Academy, teaching the subject ‘Understanding the system of international taxation and the avoidance of double taxation’ and she is regularly asked as a speaker at the Expatcenter Amsterdam. Lyke has a degree in both Civil Law and Tax Law. Lyke’s area of expertise is in international tax and social security planning for expatriate individuals, but also has a broad knowledge of immigration/visa and experience with outsourcing projects. Beside a personal connection with Asia, she is half Indonesian and her parents have lived in India and Japan, she has a broad experience advising Dutch companies who assign their Dutch employees to Asia (mainly China, Indonesia and Singapore) and Indian companies who assign their employees to the Netherlands. Lyke joined the Expatise Faculty in 2013.

  • Lia Alizia | Expatise Academy

    Lia Alizia Home / Lecturers / Lia Alizia Get in Touch +62 21 252 1272, 520 0001 Lia is a Partner in Makarim's Corporate Commercial and Litigation department. She has dealt with a wide variety of corporate, commercial and litigation matters. Her major areas of expertise include Indonesian Employment, Social Security and Immigration related issues. She has handled mass terminations of employment (more than 300 employees) in various industries and also assisted several major multinational companies by reviewing and updating their employment documents. Lia has authored or co-authored a number of significant publications and often speaks at local and overseas seminars and training programs on employment matters. She is on the central committee of the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) and is a recommended lawyer for Employment in Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2014 as well as an Employment Expert from Indonesia selected by Employment Law Experts from the UK. Lia is member of The Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) and LAWASIA (the Law Association for Asia and Pacific) and a member of the Expatise Faculty since 2013.

  • Hilly van Swol | Expatise Academy

    Hilly van Swol Home / Lecturers / Hilly van Swol Get in Touch +49 (0) 6724 2659380 Hilly, founder of Consultus, is a Dutch national who worked in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and China. She has been active in the larger relocation management industry since 1987 attending to the relocation and integration needs of Fortune 500 companies in the Netherlands. Intercultural expertise was gathered at the ITIM institute and a post doctorate at the university of Nijmegen and by the C.I.P.Institute in Switzerland. She designs and facilitates all over the world intercultural training programs for both employer, employee and accompanying family. In 2013 Tilly joined the Expatise Faculty.

  • Maarten Enklaar | Expatise Academy

    Maarten Enklaar Home / Lecturers / Maarten Enklaar Get in Touch +31 (0)88 792 75 19 Maarten is specialized in the field of becoming 'In Control' on Short Term Business Visitors. He holds a Master degree in tax law and is a member of the NOB (‘Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs’). After finalizing his studies at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Maarten started working with PwC. He works in the Global Mobility practice of PwC's People and Organisation department. In the beginning of his career he focused on providing specialist expatriate tax and social security advice while working on major client engagements. After a secondment to PwC in Germany, Maarten now provides consulting services to multinational companies, mainly with respect to becoming 'In Control' on their Short Term Business Visitors. Maarten joined the Expatise Faculty in 2018.

  • Rubens Decoussau Tilkian | Expatise Academy

    Rubens Decoussau Tilkian Home / Lecturers / Rubens Decoussau Tilkian Get in Touch Rubens started his legal career in 1998 at the Santo Amaro Regional Courthouse in São Paulo. Previously worked at renowned law firms in Brazil. For two years (2000-2001) worked in the United States, at the office of Bander, Fox-Isicoff & Associates in Miami, Florida. In 2005, founded his own firm, and today is a partner with Decoussau Tilkian Advogados. Practices with emphasis on employment and in the litigation area, especially in complex lawsuits involving corporate and civil. Also active in corporate law, involving national and international companies. During his career, has dedicated himself to the study of interpersonal conflicts and has performed important works in the area of business and personal mediation. Rubens has been a member of the Expatise Faculty since 2013.

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