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Examination Regulation

1. Applicability 

This regulation applies to the courses, provided by Expatise Academy[1].


2. Definitions

  • Participant: any person who registered with Expatise as such for any course provided by Expatise

  • Exam committee: the committee that establishes whether Participants have graduated the course.

  • Course: any learning journey offered by Expatise, either on the Educate Yourself Portal or on the Expatise homepage

  • Course management: consisting of the administrators and instructors, as indicated on the dashboard of the Participant´s Learning environment.

  • Exam: final examination of the course.

  • Learning environment: the website and


3. Admission

Candidates wishing to attend the Course must possess adequate work and study level. The specific requirements that make a Participant eligible for the course are indicated in the study load overview that is provided on the Participant´s dashboard.


4. The Course:

The course program is established annually by the board of Expatise Academy.

Each course consists of a electronic handbook, video lessons and online tests.


5. Exemptions
No exemptions for any part(s) of the Course will be agreed on.


6. Attendance
Regarding blended courses, attendance is mandatory for all in-class lectures of the Course. Absence is only permitted in cases of force majeure, on the basis of a medical or other written, legal statement. If a Participant fails to attend more than one class regardless of the reason, force majeure included, he or she will have failed to meet the attendance requirement.

7. Exam
In the event the Course is concluded with an examination, the Participant can only take part in the exam if the attendance requirement has been met. The exam will be conducted by the Exam committee. Further specifications and details regarding the actual examination will be provided on the course page of the Expatise Academy’s website.

After the Exam, the Participant will receive their result: pass of fail.

8. Exam committee
The Exam committee is responsible for conducting the exams and consists of one or three members of the Board as indicated on the course information.


9. Certificate and certificate of participation

If the Participant successfully completes the Exam, the Participant will receive a Certificate.  In the event that a Participant fails the Exam, the Participant will receive a Certificate of Participation.


10. Re-examination
If the Participant fails the exam, he or she may retake it. The conditions as stated in articles 7, 8 and 9 apply to the re-examination. Re-examinations can only be taken once.


11. Objection
Participants are entitled to object to the exam results. Objections should be submitted directly to the director of Expatise Academy well-founded and in writing, no later than six weeks after the Participant has received the exam results. The objection will be presented to the Board of Appeal, consisting of three people i.e. two people affiliated with Expatise Academy and an external person appointed by the Participant. The members of the Board of Appeal should all have affinity with the content-related aspects of the course. The Participant who submitted the objection may file a request to be heard. If no such request is made, the Board of Appeal is under no obligation to hear the Participant. Within six weeks of receiving the written objection, the Board of Appeal will make a decision. Objections against other aspects of the Course can also be brought forward through this procedure.


12. Agreement and changes

These regulations can only be changed by program management. Changes will not take place during the current program, unless the interests of the Participants will not be unreasonably harmed.

13. Validation

These regulations will come into effect as of 1 January 2010.  

[1] The term “Expatise”, “our”, “us” or “we” refers to the owner of the website the Expatise Foundation (hereinafter: Expatise) whose registered office is Kwartellaan 25, 2566DS The Hague, The Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce registration number 51351366. The term “you” refers to the user or viewer of our website.

Footnote 1
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