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The modern habitat of the HR IM professional not solely demands administrative support, but moreover an essential contribution to the results of the organization. The partnership with Universities has elevated the Expatise® program to an academic level which is required to fulfill this critical role succesfully.


Objective is to reach as many participants as possible. Hence, we charge low tuition fees, which is made possible because of Expatise's not-for-profit status. 


Not only regarding the number of courses and impressive line-up of expert lecturers from all over the world. But also because of our campaign to create and accelerate awareness and put the spotlight on the complexity of cross border deployment and the importance of the International HR Function.


We truly care about our International HR colleagues and support them whenever and however we can in achieving the excellence needed to meet the challenges they encounter on a daily basis.

Career path based

The Expatise courses are based on in-depth research into career paths within International HR departments of many organizations, which has led to an all encompassing program that links courses to job roles, competencies, and key experiences. The program secures that required knowledge and skills are in place at each step on de career ladder.


The Expatise Academy develops and implements education courses in close collaboration with employers, government representatives and consultancy firms. Once the program is accomplished and tested, education institutes among which world's leading universities are invited to take on the execution of the program, thus securing its continuation and high quality.


Expatise programs are driven by high quality content and not by commercial motives, which explains the closed-door character of our events: Exclusively for corporate-invitees, government representatives and Expatise Knowledge Partners


To achieve and maintain the status of credible partner in the field of cross border deployment, HR IM staff are to adopt a holistic, cross-disciplinary approach on a wide range of complex, ever-changing and strictly enforced regulations, both nationally and internationally. Expatise courses offer this distinctive key feature.


Industry leaders from multinational companies, government organisation and renowed consultancy firms as well as representatives from universities are involved in the design, implementation and execution of the Expatise education courses. 


Expatise provides courses tailored to each participant´s needs for knowledge, reliable information sources, as well as ongoing networking opportunities for sharing practice experiences with peers.

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