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Global Mobility is not only about relocating the assignee (and family) and ensuring an efficient settling-in process, a positive assignment experience, and compliance with the assignee's personal statutory requirements. 

The assignee is only one of the many stakeholders GM has to deal with and whose interests and requirements GM has to take into account when implementing and managing cross-border assignments. 

In this arena of competing (and often conflicting) interests and continuously changing requirements the corporate GM function has become a specialisation that serves many interests and harbours many (academic) disciplines. 

The Expatise online certification course puts the HR GM function in the centre of attention and provides an overall approach to working with international workforce.

This is an important differentiator that sets the course apart from GM courses that were designed from a vendor's or relocating assignee's point of view. 



The course is divided in 2 levels intended for

  • Newly hired employees who need to get up to speed with the case handling of international assignments   (Level 1)
  • HR business partners, line managers and service providers who are not directly responsible for handling international assignments but who want to understand the Global Mobility function (Level 1);
  • Working HR professionals looking to refresh and repair gaps in their basic knowledge (Level 2).
  • Working HR professionals preparing for the next step up the career ladder (Level 2).

The course consists of eight modules based on the Expatise methodology: an integrated combination of e-learning tests, video lessons, MemoTrainingTM and NewsServiceTM.

Participants will also have access to the Expatise Online Campus: a personal learning environment that comprises a helpdesk, library, peer-to-peer communities, access to video lessons and tests. 


Participants who pass the exam earn the ECGlobal Mobility credential. This internationally-recognized certification is a formal recognition by Expatise partners that the participant has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of the Global Mobility environment and helps validate the level of expertise and experience of GM professionals and improve employability.


The content of this online training as well as the look and feel of the learning environment can be customized according to the needs and wishes of the employer in question.


The curriculum consists of eight modules:

  1. Cultural awareness and intercultural competences
  2. The environment of the Global Mobility function
  3. Principles and practice of international employment law
  4. Principles and practice of labour migration law
  5. Principles and practice of international tax law
  6. Principles and practice of international social security
  7. Principles and practice of international payroll
  8. The employee experience

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