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Tuition fee


The regular tuition fee amounts to €2,250 per participant. 

This includes:

  1. attending three in-person Learning Events at Expatise Academy on Dutch Immigration, Income Tax and Social Security;

  2. twelve-month user license of the online HR Global Mobility certification course © by Expatise Publishers;

    • video/ audio lessons

    • Q&A tests

    • MemoTraining

    • topical libraries

    • peer communities

  3. twelve-month license to the use of the MemoTrainerApp©;

  4. a digital copy of the Expatise Handbook for HR Global Mobility Professionals©;

  5. Certification & EC Registration; 

  6. Membership of the Expatise Alumni Network.

For learners who do not want to attend the three in-person events, we offer a fully online version (the components 2-6) which amounts to €1,950 per participant.

VAT will be applied where appropriate.

Anniversary Discount

During the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Expatise® brand, we offer a € 400 discount on the regular tuition fee.

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Participants who successfully complete the course earn the ECLevel2 credential: all-round HR GM specialist-level 2. This internationally-recognized certification is a formal recognition by Expatise partners that the participant has demonstrated a proficiency within and comprehension of the Global Mobility environment and helps validate the level of expertise and experience of HR GM professionals and improve employability.



The content of this online training as well as the look and feel of the learning environment, can be customized according to the needs and wishes of the customer in question.

Expatise General Terms and Conditions


Registration is subject to Expatise Academy Terms and Conditions

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