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Tailoring Education to individual Learning Styles

At Expatise® Academy we not only offer a broad array of formats to tailor education to the full potential of the participant and his/her employer, we also provide the technology to make truly individualised and on-demand learning possible.

Everyone has a different learning style. Some like reading, others need visuals or at least audio to keep them focused. Video provides it all: text, visuals and audio. And you can access them at your own pace, whenever and wherever it suits you best, watch them several times and skip the parts you are not interested in.

In other words, video lectures are an engaging addition to traditional learning and help cater to different needs and paces. 

Flip Teaching for better results 


The shift in how to deliver education and tap into the potential of video lessons is being referred to as "Flip Teaching". Already our teachers have noticed the impact of an educational video participants watched for homework and actively thought about before the subject gets explored in class. They understand and retain the information better and more in-depth and active problem-solving thinking is coming out of the curriculum.

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