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Study in your own time, test your knowledge online and get Expatise Certified

Not only Expatise® comprehensive courses lead to professional global mobility certifications, our online tests as well. Online tests are essential to the Expatise Learning Concept. They reinforce learning objectives, provide reliable knowledge acquisition and retention, and maintain high quality standards.

Based on the unbiased results of these tests participants can obtain an Expatise  Global Mobility Certificate as proof of their achievement. Once a specific combination of knowledge fields is mastered this may even lead to one of the professional "Expatise certified" designations.


Benefits for Employers

There are only few employers left that do not offer their staff a training and development path.

The e-learning component cannot be left out of an effective and efficient education program if you are looking for serious results, not only in terms of success rates, but also when you are interested in cost-reducing, time-sharing, optimization of the development practice.

The Expatise Academy can help you build your own online Training program.  

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