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Reliable information at your Fingertips

There is an abundance of valuable information and data out there provided by reliable sources such as trusted service providers, governments, renowned research institutes. If you had the time you could browse the internet all day knowing that you would find lots of interesting publications and probably even reliable answers to your questions. And then you would store this information in a private library in a way you could always retrieve it in the blink of an eye.

However, unfortunately Global mobility Professionals are not working in this perfect world. They do not have the time to find their way through the maze of reliable and unreliable information, complete and incomplete data, actual and outdated facts.

And when they do find a valuable publication and store it they probably will not find it again because it gets lost in the avalanche of information that hits them on a daily basis.

In 2016 Expatise® Academy started to build online libraries for reliable publications on specific topics worth preserving. We collect, analyze, classify, store and provide easy access to this information and data 24/7/365. Each course on the Educate Yourself Portal has its own library.  

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