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With almost 15 years of experience, Dennis is a highly experienced all-round global mobility (tax) specialist. Dennis studied at the University of Groningen and holds a Master degree in tax law and started his career with PwC. In 2014 he and (former) Big 4 colleagues founded TTT-Group, a global mobility boutique specialized in international personal taxation and social security whilst adopting an holistic view on cross-border employment issues and offering total employer and employee solutions. He has gained much country-specific knowledge about principles, systems and specific regulations of numerous tax jurisdictions. He combines social and strong analytical skills for the conversion of complex issues and regulations into practical and understandable solutions. Throughout his professional life, Dennis has been actively involved in sharing knowledge in the area of global mobility tax. He is editor of two employment tax magazines (“Grensoverschrijdend Werken” and “Loonzaken”) and published close to 100 articles in a wide variety of specialized magazines. During his career Dennis has been performing educational activities in the widest sense possible (universities, training modules, webinars, seminars, panelist).

Dennis joined the Expatise Faculty in 2017.

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