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Beverly Dwiggins-Mayhew has been involved in the field of international human resources since 1981. These years have been dedicated to the design and development of programs for inter-cultural training, destination service, compensation and benefits, destination networks, and community service organizations in Asia Pacific. As the founder of Orientations, Inc. Bev holds the distinction of being “the Pioneer of Destination Services in Asia Pacific”.

Bev is actively involved in the teaching and designing of training materials for subjects relating to communications, sales, administration and interpersonal relations as it relates to international human resources. Her international experience was gained on projects in Latin America and the Middle East, and expatriate assignments in Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Beverly is an author having written The A to Z of Living In Singapore (self-published), the A to Z of Living in Malaysia (self-published), the Settling Into Singapore (self-published) and is a contributing author to such publications as The Business Times, The Asian Wall Street Journal, The St. Louis Post Dispatch, and Mobility Magazine, to name a few.

Beverly has been a member of the Immigration Faculty since 2015.

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