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In this section of the Learning Portal, we focus on short-term, frequent business travelers, more, in particular, the traveler who goes on so many cross-border business trips or temporary assignments that he inadvertently incurs regulatory liabilities or overstays his welcome as a foreign worker, also known as the stealth expat.


Learning Objectives


Part 1

General Overview

  • Getting acquainted with some definitions and fields of special attention;

  • Acquiring a general overview of implications that surround short-term business travelers;

  • Being able to identify legal compliance issues and their impact on the business;

  • Understanding the relevance of risk mitigation.

Duration video: 20 min

Part 2

Corporate Immigration Compliance

  • Understanding what is meant by employment and employment-related work across country borders;

  • Understanding the difference between an entry visa and a work permit;

  • Understanding how the Schengen visa works;

  • Understanding the main principle of employment-related migration law: a cross-border worker is not entitled to engage in any employment activities unless permitted by law;

  • Understanding the statutory compliance requirements involved.

Duration video: 9 min

Number of pages handbook: 15

Number of quizzes: 14

Part 3

Corporate and Personal Income Tax Compliance

  • Understanding the basic rules of cross-border corporate income taxation;

  • Knowing what is meant by a taxable presence;

  • Knowing what is meant by PE;

  • Understanding the concept of PE, its inclusions and exclusions;

  • Understanding what is meant by dependent versus independent agent;

  • Understanding what is meant by “double jeopardy”;

  • Knowing what is meant by “BEPS”;

  • Knowing how BEPS impacts reporting obligations;

  • Understanding the relevance of the tenet of PE and BEPS to the GM function.

Duration video: 9 min

Number of pages handbook: 15

Number of quizzes: 14

Part 4

Social Security Compliance

 Coming soon


The courses come in different forms:

  • The Crash Course: video lesson only,

  • The Refresher Course: ongoing testing of your knowledge,

  • The In-depth Training: the Expatise Handbook, Video lesson, and quizzes.


You can choose any option to customize your preference.

Once you have fulfilled the required conditions and completed the course, a downloadable Expatise Certificate of Achievement appears on the dashboard of your learning environment. If you want to receive more information about this certification, please get in touch with us via

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