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The Assignee’s Experience is of crucial importance to the success of the assignment. Therefore, it is of equal importance to understand the process assignees, their partners and children (if any) are going through and how to support them in the various stages of their adjustment process. 

Here, you will find courses on HR GM Core Competencies needed to understand and support assignees and their families.


Learning Objectives


Part 1 

The Assignment Cycle

and Assignee Selection


  • Knowing what is meant by the nine phases of the Assignment Cycle;  

  • Understanding the importance of a thorough selection process of the candidate assignee (and partner) ;   

  • Understanding the importance of ongoing support before, during and after the assignment;

  • Understanding the importance of a proper repatriation plan;

  • Knowing what is meant by Key Performance Indicators (KPI);

  • Understanding the importance of reliable KPI's for the GM Function.

Duration video lesson: 14 minutes

Number of pages handbook: 8

Part 2

Health and Safety Concerns

  • Understanding what is meant by Employee Experience (EX);

  • Understanding the relevance of monitoring and attending EX;

  • Understanding EX dynamics regarding health and safety from a cultural, emotional, physical and psychological point of view;

  • Knowing where to find anchor points to keep aligned with the assignee (and spouse);

  • Understanding the challenges of intercultural communication;

  • Being able to identify and bridge cultural differences.

Duration video: 13 minutes

Number of pages handbook: 7

The courses come in different forms:

  • The Crash Course: video lesson only,

  • The Refresher Course: ongoing testing of your knowledge,

  • The In-depth Training: the Expatise Handbook, Video lesson, and quizzes.


You can choose any option to customize your preference.

Once you have fulfilled the required conditions and completed the course, a downloadable Expatise Certificate of Achievement appears on the dashboard of your learning environment. If you want to receive more information about this certification, please get in touch with us via

Access to the GM Core Competencies Courses


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The license duration to use the courses is 365 days from the first login onwards. 

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