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The Global Mobility (GM) Function ensures that the right people are in the right place at the right time and costs. This responsibility boils down to ensuring compliance, controlling costs and safeguarding the assignee's well-being. To thrive in this environment, a Global Mobility professional needs to master a high level of complexity which requires numerous competencies. 

In this section of the Learning Portal, you will find courses on HR GM Core Competencies that will help you meet legal Compliance requirements.


Learning Objectives


Part 1

Immigration Program Management

by Jet Stigter

  • Understanding the difference between the corporate Mobility Policy and the corporate Compliance Policy;

  • Understanding the objections against combining both mobility policy and compliance policy in one policy;

  • Knowing what building blocks constitute a compliance policy;

  • Knowing which arguments can convince Leadership of the added value of a compliance policy.

Duration video: 17 minutes

Number of pages  handbook: 3 

Part 2

Assignment Preparation

by Jet Stigter

  • Understanding what documents “tell” us and how to benefit from this information;

  • Knowing what is meant by legalization and apostillization;

  • Being able to look up which countries are signatories of the Hague Apostille Convention;

  • Knowing what is meant by the Antecedent statement;

  • Understanding the implications of an incorrect response to that statement;

  • Knowing what is meant by the Police Clearance certificate;

  • Understanding the implications the outcome of the police clearance may have; 

  • Understanding the impact on timelines of document acquisition, ancillary filings, strikes, political unrest, elections, etc.

Duration video: 13 minutes

Number of pages handbook: 5 

Number of quizzes: 5

Part 3

Contemporary Challenges

by Jet Stigter

  • Knowing what is meant by DUI;

  • Understanding the impact of an existing DUI or criminal offence record on the immigration process;

  • Understanding the immigration challenges of same-sex and unmarried partners;

  • Knowing what is meant by ageing out;

  • Understanding the importance of monitoring the ageing-out of accompanying children;

  • Understanding the impact of mandatory retirement age in the host country.

  • Understanding the implications the outcome of the police clearance may have; 

  • Understanding the impact on timelines of document acquisition, ancillary filings, strikes, political unrest, elections, etc.

Duration video: 13 minutes

Number of pages handbook: 1

Number of quizzes: 2

Part 4

Connecting the Dots

by Henri Kuijpers

  • Understanding that an assignee's presence abroad can have unforeseen corporate and personal income tax implications;

  • Understanding that the financial impact on the company’s profitability from having to pay additional taxes and costs can be substantial;

  • Understanding that corporate and personal income tax implications can lead to reputational and financial damage as a result of blacklisting to the equation and the outcome is even more worrying;

  • Understanding that as a Global Mobility professional, you sit on top of vital intelligence relevant to address undesired tax liabilities;

  • Understanding that stakeholders need to be aware of the risks that come hand in hand with international assignments;

  • Being able to recognise where tax implications might arise and what to do when they arise.

Duration video: 4 minutes

Number of pages handbook: 22

Number of quizzes: 6

Part 5

Collecting Relevant Information

by Inge Nitsche

  • Understanding the importance of social security for the world order;

  • Knowing that every country has its own social security system;

  • Understanding why social security in an international context is complicated;

  • Understanding why countries enter into agreements with each other regarding social security across country borders;

  • Understanding the importance of a step-by-step approach towards establishing the social security status of international assignees; 

  • Knowing what is meant by country of origin, country of employment, country of residence, employer;

  • Knowing what is meant by "The scope of applicability";

  • Knowing what is meant by "Being subject to social security";

  • Understanding the difference between determination rules and allocation rules.

Duration videos (3): 30 minutes

Number of pages handbook: 11

Number of quizzes: 9 

The courses come in different forms:

  • The Crash Course: video lesson only,

  • The Refresher Course: ongoing testing of your knowledge,

  • The In-depth Training: the Expatise Handbook, Video lesson, and quizzes.


You can choose any option to customize your preference.

Once you have fulfilled the required conditions and completed the course, a downloadable Expatise Certificate of Achievement appears on the dashboard of your learning environment. If you want to receive more information about this certification, please get in touch with us via

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