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In practice, the impact of Labor Law on cross-border work deployment is often underestimated due to the assumption that cross-border workers always fall under the  Labor Law regime of the home country. However, where multiple countries are involved, multiple regimes apply simultaneously in principle. So the question is, which rules apply in a situation where various regimes might apply?

In this section of the Portal, you will find lessons on cross-border labor law in the context of EU Community Law.


Learning Objectives


Part 1

The Concept of Employment and Employer

in an International Context

  • Understanding the importance of assessing the legal relationship between the parties involved; 

  • Understanding the concept of Employment in international relations;  

  • Understanding the concept of Employer in international relations;  

  • Being able to recognize employment and the different forms of the Employer in practice. 

Duration video: 7 min

Number of pages handbook: 12 

Number of quizzes: 13

Part 2

The Extraterritorial Scope

of National Labor Law

  • Understanding that each country has its own Labour Law regime;

  • Understanding that a regime consists of several sources of Law;

  • Understanding how these sources of law relate to each other within a national framework;

  • Knowing that parties cannot deviate from mandatory provisions of Labour Law by an employment contract;

  • Knowing that a Labour Law regime also has an extra-territorial scope;

  • Understanding the risks that come with international employment when ignoring the extra-territorial scope of mandatory provisions.

Duration video: 7 minutes

Number of pages handbook: 5

Number of quizzes: 6

Part 3

The Tenet of Conflict of Laws

  • Understanding the international scope of national Labour Law and knowing what this entails;

  • Understanding the principle of Conflict of Laws and the circumstances that can lead to this conflict;

  • Knowing the main rules and exceptions of the Rome I Regulation;

  • Understanding what the global scope of Rome I implies;

  • Understanding the limitations of a Choice of Law Clause;     

  • Being aware of the consequences in terms of financial and reputational damages conflict of laws entails;

  • Being able to proactively inform stakeholders and explain the Conflict of Laws' tenet.

Duration video: 27 minutes

Number of pages handbook: 14 

Number of quizzes: 13

The courses come in different forms:

  • The Crash Course: video lesson only,

  • The Refresher Course: ongoing testing of your knowledge,

  • The In-depth Training: the Expatise Handbook, Video lesson, and quizzes.


You can choose any option to customize your preference.

Once you have fulfilled the required conditions and completed the course, a downloadable Expatise Certificate of Achievement appears on the dashboard of your learning environment. If you want to receive more information about this certification, please get in touch with us via

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