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Welcome to Expatise Academy, the worldwide Provider of Learning Solutions for Global Mobility, Comp&Ben and Payroll Professionals since 2010

What drives Expatise

It is the Academy’s ambition to achieve global recognition of the complexity of moving workers across country borders and the importance of the Global Mobility, Comp&Ben and Payroll function in this respect for the overall success of the organization.

To reach this aim, the Academy strives to improve knowledge and skills of all professionals involved, contribute to enhanced performance and visibility of the GM, C&B and Payroll function, and bring about a change of mindset to all stakeholders regarding their role and responsibility toward the success of the assignment and the positive experience of the assignee. 

The Academy's innovative approach to education resulted in learning solutions that places the individual learner at the centre by providing career-based courses to follow in their own time, at their own pace and in all stages of their development. 






Expatise Certification in Global Mobility 

The HR Global Mobility function has become a specialisation that serves many interests and harbours many (academic) disciplines. 

The Expatise online certification course puts the GM function in the centre of attention and provides an overall approach to working with international workforce.

This is an important differentiator that sets the course apart from GM courses that were designed from a vendor's or relocating assignee's point of view. 

New: Online Certification Course

This comprehensive online course evolves around the corporate HR Global Mobility function from an international point of view and provides in-depth understanding of the challenges GM professionals encounter on a daily basis.









Participants who pass the exam earn the ECGlobal Mobility credential. This internationally-recognized certification is a formal recognition by Expatise partners that the participant has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of the Global Mobility environment and helps validate the level of expertise and experience of GM professionals and improve employability.

What we can offer you

In-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of the corporate GM, Comp&Ben and Payroll function

An holistic, two-stream learning approach: 

  • Comprehensive learning: courses and events up to academic level
  • On-demand learning at the point of need: anywhere and at any time

Professional certifications aligned with the learner's personal development path

In-house training to boost your team

Onboarding course for newly-hired staff

Career coaching/ advice for the next step up the ladder, 

and more .... 

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Master Course HR & Global Mobility at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Comprehensive Training on specific topics and country-specific compliance issues

All-encompassing online certification course addressing the Global Mobility Function from an HR GM point of view