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Comprehensive course about managing non-compliance risks

Course in Dutch starting May 2020 in Rotterdam and online

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Respected field experts teach you up-to-date GM theory using concrete cases to help you improve your company's GM policy design and/or its implementation. They sharpen your decision-making skills to solve complex GM issues within your function and as a team.

International specialists educate you on the topics of Immigration law, Intercultural studies, International HRM, International Comp & Ben, International Labour Law, International Payroll, International Social Security and International Tax Law whether you are a junior or seasoned professional.



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Expatise® Academy is an educational foundation which develops in-depth innovative, flexible and affordable learning events, academic master courses and continuing education certification programmes for working professionals around the world, both on location and online.

Find out which of our many events and learning solutions suit your level and responsibilities. Take advantage of our 10th anniversary special offer to take online courses. Network with peers from many industries and learn from our engaging instructors in person and online. Grow and invest in your employability.


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Master Course HR and Global Mobility at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Expatise Academy's Comprehensive Training on specific topics and country-specific compliance issues

All-encompassing online certification course addressing the Global Mobility Function