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Unprecedented times, unprecedented opportunities!

The Expatise Academy’s goal is to support the professional and personal growth of Global Mobility professionals in HR and Relocation roles worldwide by transferring knowledge, enhancing skills, disclosing reliable information and unlocking trusted sources of information and providers of services.

In these unprecedented times, we see the Global Mobility landscape changing fast and profoundly, and the GM function becoming of vital importance for the success of the organization and the well-being of employees and their families. 

Expatise Academy has therefore decided to introduce a Membership-based Licensing Model. If you would like more information about the Expatise membership and the Licensing Model, please get in touch with

The duration of the license to use the Educate Yourself Portal is 365 days from first login onwards. 


Access to the Expatise Educate Yourself Courses

Please apply here: Ondemand | Catalogue (

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