HR Global Mobility for Relocation Professionals and newly arrived HR GM staff


Module 1 The World of Global Mobility

Learning objective: Understanding where the GM function comes from and why its implementation is constantly changing

  • Globalisation and internationalization of business activities
  • The dynamics of cross-border activities and the role of Human Resource Management (HR)
  • Identifying and understanding the various definitions of Global Mobility
  • The influence of megatrends and events on Global Mobility
  • The organisational structure and positioning of the GM function within organisations
  • The different roles and responsibilities of GM: from admin cost center to strategic advisor


Module 2 Global Mobility Competencies

Learning objective: Enhancing competencies you need to thrive in Global Mobility

  • Intercultural communication:
    • What is culture and what are cultural dimensions 
    • What is the impact of culture on communication 
    • Which competencies do you need to reconcile cultural differences
    • Problem solving and conflict management
  • Building the GM Framework:
    • The different framework components
    • Matching drivers of the assignment and types of mobility, policies, compensation approaches, pay delivery methods
    • Impact of exchange rate and inflation fluctuations
    • Administration, processes, technology, data analysis
    • Cost projection and return on investment.
  • Initiating the assignment
    • Advising and managing an assignment
    • The workflow checklist
    • The assignment cycle
    • Communicating compliance, cost, care and career


Module 3 Principles and practice of international Labour Law 

Learning objective: Understanding of and gaining insights into

  • Employment in an international context
  • The concept of employer: the formal, material and economic approach
  • The international scope of national labour law
  • How to determine which labour law regime applies and how to solve conflict of laws
  • The termination, secondment, suspension, dual employment construction
  • Matching constructions and type of assignment
  • Reporting obligations
  • Non-compliance risks and consequences
  • Drafting an employment contract, assignment agreement, service contracts.


Module 4 Principles and practice of Corporate lmmigration 

Learning objective: Understanding of and gaining insights into

  • The nature of visa and work/ residence permits from a corporate perspective
  • Profiling persons for exemption
  • Profiling activities for exemption
  • Profiling simplified application procedures
  • Special visa and permits: NAFTA, Mercosur, APEC Card, ESTA, EU ICT permit, European Blue card, Van der Elst, Orange Carpet Visa Facility
  • The Corporate Immigration Compliance Policy
  • Key traps and challenges in practice, non-compliance risks and consequences.


Module 5 Principles and practice of international Income Taxation

Learning objective: Understanding of and gaining insights into

  • The concept of Corporate and Personal Income Taxation
  • What is meant by Fiscal Residence, Employer, Permanent Establishment, Tax sourcing, Avoiding double taxation
  • Double tax avoidance
  • Allocation rules and tax treaties
  • Tax Liability, withholding obligation and reporting obligation
  • Administrative obligations of a withholding agent
  • The role of the GM professional
  • Key traps and challenges in practice, non-compliance risks and consequences.


Module 6 Principles and practice of international Social Security & Pension

Learning objective: Understanding of and gaining insights into

  • Social security (incl. pension) in a national and international context
  • Allocation of social security rights and obligations: the determination rules
  • Assignments within the EUR/EEA/Switzerland area
  • Assignments between bilateral treaty countries
  • The international health care insurance and determination rules
  • National social security schemes
  • International pension plans
  • Employee benefits and private insurance schemes
  • Repairing non-compliance and the social security compliance policy
  • Key traps and challenges in practice, non-compliance risks and consequences.


Module 7 Principles and practice of international payroll  

Learning objective: Understanding of and gaining insights into

  • Payroll record requirements: setup, withholding, declaration, payment
  • Tax requirements: Setup in Payroll, Payslips, Annual Income Statements, Wage Statements
  • Wage Tax: Payroll Tax Brackets, Wage Tax Credits, Special Tax Rates
  • Exchange rates, inflation, conversion rules
  • Gross to net and net to gross calculations
  • Payroll Processes & Systems, global payroll, shadow payroll, split payroll, and hypotax
  • Insightful control for international assignees, technology & wage types, 
  • Customerization leading to employee centricity
  • Repairing non/compliance in payroll.
  • Key traps and challenges in practice, non-compliance risks and consequences.


Module 8 The Future of Global Mobility

Learning objective: Understanding of and gaining insights into

  • Understanding internal and external GM stakeholders and reconciling their interests
  • The employee experience
    • Phases of the assignment experience
    • Assignee concerns regarding housing, safety and security, dual career, education, repatriation, succession
    • The spouse experience, partner support, dual career
    • Duty of care and psychological contract.
    • Financial planning and private insurance schemes
    • Repatriation and succession planning
  • Setting-up and managing a global, digital team
  • Managing GM projects
  • Coaching and consulting clients
    • Techniques on coaching, consulting, delivering bad news, negotiating
    • Analyzing cases
    • Conduct briefings.

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