Depending on the group composition, the primary language will be English and/or Dutch. 

Target Audience

Corporate HR Global Mobility and payroll staff as well as service providers who are involved with organising, supervising and/or administering cross-border assignments, to and from the Netherlands. 


Participants who complete the course successfully receive the EC HR Global Mobility Level 3 certification. This qualification allows access to the master course HR & Global Mobility at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and membership of the Expatise Alumni Association for Qualified HR Global Mobility Professionals. 

The Re-certification curriculum to maintain the Level 3 certification starts right after the basic training. The re-certification year begins upon obtaining the certification or the re-certification and extends up to the following 12 months. The curriculum consists of compulsory study activities and of self-chosen activities. Costs involved amount to € 750 per 12 months plus vat.


The costs of the HR Global Mobility & Compliance course amount to

  • €3,300 plus vat for the fully online version (online learning plus 7 live online lectures)
  • €3,800 plus vat for the blended version (online learning plus 7 in-person lectures).

This includes a 12 months online learning curriculum, live online or in-person meetings (depending on Covid-measures), Memo Training, video lessons, Q&A tests, the Expatise Handbook for HR Global Mobility Professionals, access to the Expatise Helpdesk, a personal online library and peer2peer communities, certification & EC-registration, membership of the Expatise Alumni Network.

Location/ dates

The location and dates of online/ in-person meetings will be determined in consultation with the participants. 


Expatise General Terms and Conditions

Registration is subject to Expatise Academy Terms and Conditions. 

The Expatise Academy (EA) accepts no responsibility for accident, injury or loss suffered whilst attending this event, unless it is directly due to negligence on our part. Delegates are responsible for taking care of their own property. EA accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred whilst using material or information gained at this event. EA may have to cancel an event. In this case, EA will decide to either return any payments received in advance or hand out a voucher. We will not refund any other costs you may incur as a result of this cancellation. The copyright of all training material rests with the EA or speaker. Programme fees are usually invoiced approximately 1 month prior to the event and payment with the booking is not necessary. Cancellation Policy: 100% non-refundable once registered. Registration is transferable.