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Expat Management Group specializes in all aspects of corporate Immigration and the Relocation of employees and individuals. The company has the stability and experience of a large firm while still providing the flexibility of smaller businesses. All these combined means that we can offer a wide variety of services, collaborating with Relocation and Immigration partners worldwide. With an in-house Immigration and Relocation team working closely together, we are able to prioritize smooth and prompt communication, both between our teams and between our clients and us.

When migrating to Germany, most applicants would like to obtain a Blue Card, as it is often perceived as the holy grail. However, many people don't have a clear answer when asked about the reasons behind this preference. At every stage of the process, you hear the refrain, "But I want a Blue Card."

In this Week's Webinar, Tobias Schönborn will lift the veil, disclose the most relevant facts about the Blue Card, and highlight alternative options.

The webinar consists of a 30-minute presentation followed by questions and discussions. It takes place on September 18 and starts at 4 pm CET. Registration via

This is a complimentary webinar exclusively for Expatise Linkedin Learning Platform members, a closed environment for HR GM professionals where we share
news and views on HR Global Mobility matters. Membership in this Platform is free of charge.
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