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What are the challenges we will be addressing?

To give you an idea of 21st-century challenges and impediments we will be addressing during the Learning Event, here are some of the questions we received from HR GM colleagues that will be discussed:

  • Social Security and Remote Work
  • What is an EU Posted Worker, and how do we apply the social security rules in this context?
  • What does the EU Framework Agreement contain, and how to apply and communicate it?
  • What is the difference between a Multistate Worker (MSW) and a Posted Worker?
  • When applying for an A1 document, should you consider the travel pattern for 12 months or during the assignment period only?
  • How do you go about third-country nationals in Europe while remaining on their home country's social security?
  • How do you go about an employee residing in an EU member state but working for an EU-based employer outside the EU territory?
  • What consequences does an assignment have for the social security status of family members?
  • What does temporary and habitual residence mean, and why is this distinction so important?
  • What if, at the beginning of the posting, it is already clear that the assignment will last more than 24 months?
  • And what if, at the beginning of the posting, the duration of the assignment is not (!) clear?
  • What do the 5%, 25% and "less than 50%" criteria mean?
  • What to do when maximum social security contributions need to be paid in more than one country?
  • Under which circumstances can social insurance premiums/ contributions be taxed, and how to determine in which country?
  • How do you gross up these amounts and ensure the net wage is calculated correctly?
  • Does a split payroll entail double social security obligations?
  • If it is uncertain whether the employee's partner shall be working in the country of employment, can I request a CoC for him/her to prevent this partner from being uninsured?
  • There are different kinds of Social Security Treaties. What are the differences?
  • Is every Remote Worker a Posted Worker?
  • What if the assignee is working simultaneously for multiple employers?
  • What if the assignee is working in the capacity of an employee and at the same time as a freelancer, contractor, or civil servant?
  • How do we determine where the employee has mandatory health insurance in the EU? And what about partners and children?

Language: English (and Dutch on request)
Location: Vergadercentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht.
Timings 10:00-17:00

Expatise Students and Continuous Education (full program) participants: free of charge
Expatise Foundation Members and Alumni: €250 plus VAT
Others: €495 plus VAT

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