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Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions, based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, is a niche firm in the expat tax, immigration and small-to-medium-sized enterprise services industry. We have a strong focus on compliance services for foreign local hires and tailored advisory services covering an extensive range of complex tax and global mobility issues.
You may be an individual who has moved here for work. You may be an entrepreneur starting a business for the first time in the Netherlands or opening a branch or office of an existing overseas business here. You may represent a company with foreign local hires or internationally mobile employees. We can help you minimize the tax you need to pay whilst ensuring compliance with the law.

Under strict conditions, an employer may reimburse the employee for certain costs without this being regarded as wages and leading to the levy of income taxes. In principle, the work-related expenses scheme is the general framework for the Dutch tax treatment of expense allowances.

For costs typically associated with cross-border work - the so-called extraterritorial costs - there is also a special tax facility on the basis of which these specific costs can be reimbursed tax-free. This facility is known as the 30% ruling.

In Part 2 of this Learning Event (Tuesday, September 5, 13:30-16:30), Henk Amorison will take you through the reimbursement of extraterritorial costs in general, in combination with the purpose and conditions of the 30% facility, more in particular:

  • How to calculate the 30% tax-free facility;
  • How to apply for the 30% facility;
  • What in case of a change of employer;
  • The maximum duration of the 30% facility;
  • Consequences for social security and pension;
  • Alternatives in case the 30% ruling does not apply;
  • The highly skilled migrant scheme, in combination with the 30% facility;
  • The 30% facility in combination with international school fees and the Foreign driver's license;
  • and what, in case
    • there are more employers
    • there is a change of employer
    • there is a change in function
    • of an intra-company transfer
    • of a sabbatical leave or a garden leave
    • of parttime work
    • of occupational disability
    • the employee is working outside the Netherlands
    • etc.

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