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Pallas Employment Lawyers has an international focus, and is known as a specialist and strategic partner. We understand employment law and works councils as no other. We want to know exactly what is at stake and think in solutions. Our employment law network is extensive and this network is also available to our clients. This means that we can quickly consult other specialists in the area of, inter alia, immigration law, payroll tax, social security, pensions, company law, recruitment and assessments. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. As a result, our solutions for employers, employees and works councils are pragmatic and state-of-the-art.

Our collaboration with our clients is personal and abased on mutual trust. It is important to us to understand what motivates our clients from an employment law perspective. You can expect from us a high level of service. In case of emergencies, we are available 24/7.

In part 1 of this practice training (10.00-13.00), Sanne van Ruitenbeek will address the following types of cross-border mobility from a labor law perspective:

  • International Commuters
  • Foreign local hire
  • Business Trip
  • Temporary International Transfer
  • Digital Nomads
  • Short-term assignment (<1 yr)
  • Long-term assignment (<5> yr)
  • Hybrid work,

in terms of constructions that might match

  • the Termination construct
  • the Secondment construct
  • the Suspension I construct
  • the Suspension II construct
  • Dual Employment construct

and contracts you need to put in place to build a solid structure regarding labor rights and obligations, immigration, taxation, social security, and pension.


In part 2 of the training (14.00-17.00), Alain Camonier will explain

  • the extra-territorial scope of national Labor Law regimes,
  • the rules that apply to determine which regime(s) will govern the employment,
  • the red flags, liability risks, and repercussions in terms of financial and reputational damages when multiple regimes apply simultaneously,
  • the set-up of the remote/ hybrid work contract with a special focus on the reintegration after illness, the (dis)functioning of the employee, and the employer's liabilities in case of injuries.

Language: English (and Dutch on request)
Location: Vredenburg, Utrecht.
Timings 10:00-17:00

Expatise Students and Continuous Education (full program) participants: free of charge
Expatise Foundation Members and Alumni: €250 plus vat
Others: €595 plus vat

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