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We are living in the era of the 5th industrial revolution. At the same time, a perfect storm of a different kind is raging through our organizations. It concerns protecting the most valuable property of any organization: its Human Capital. Due to increasing complexity and non-compliance risks, an inadequate (local) approach to cross-border deployment, and insufficient resources (time, staff, advisors, technology, trusted data, reliable information, education, etc.), HR cannot keep up with stakeholders' demands for doing more things faster and better with fewer people.

We need a new, global approach to Workforce Deployment. We need to return to the drawing table and profoundly 

  • re-assess the organization’s purpose (the “WHY does this organization exists”), maturity, phase in internationalization, cultural identity (in wording and behavior), business imperatives, objectives, and strategy;
  • re-define the competencies needed to support the BUSINESS’ strategy and EMPLOYEE’S aspirations; 
  • re-organize the governance framework (who owns and drives the global approach), stakeholders involvement, the operating model and processes, HR mobility and compliance policies, employment contracts and allocation of resources,

and align it with the employee’s 3.0 demands for 

  • best work-life balance (the customized workplace);
  • best reward package securing secondary and tertiary conditions;
  • best education opportunities aligned with a personal development path.

In this event, Inge Nitsche of Expatise Academy will discuss this in a panel discussion.

More information to follow soon.

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