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Pallas Employment Lawyers has an international focus, and is known as a specialist and strategic partner. We understand employment law and works councils as no other. We want to know exactly what is at stake and think in solutions. Our employment law network is extensive and this network is also available to our clients. This means that we can quickly consult other specialists in the area of, inter alia, immigration law, payroll tax, social security, pensions, company law, recruitment and assessments. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. As a result, our solutions for employers, employees and works councils are pragmatic and state-of-the-art.

Our collaboration with our clients is personal and abased on mutual trust. It is important to us to understand what motivates our clients from an employment law perspective. You can expect from us a high level of service. In case of emergencies, we are available 24/7.

Sometimes employees find themselves working in multiple countries at the same time. Like in a hybrid working model, where the employee is working in the office at the premises of the employer in combination with working from home, from a holiday address, or on the go in another country. Or like the employee in a regional role who works alternately in several countries overseeing operations there. 

In these cases, multiple labor law jurisdictions come into play. After all, each country has its own labor law regime: the Home country where the employee usually works has its own regime as well as the country (or countries) where the employee temporarily or partly works. The employer needs to determine which regulations apply and which obligations to adhere to under the respective local labor laws.

In this Week's Webinar, Sanne van Ruitenbeek of Pallas Attorneys-at-Law will give some guidelines to help you find your way out of this maze.

The webinar starts at 4 pm CET and consists of a 30-minute presentation followed by questions and discussions.


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