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Our mission is to enable corporate and public sector organizations to communicate effectively across cultures and help maximize the return on corporate investment.

The philosophy behind the founding of Clever Culture Communication is rooted in our drive to help bridge gaps between cultures.

We combine concrete, targeted information with highly interactive and participant-focused sessions. Sheriff Aligbeh founded clever Culture Communication.

Moving to a new country can be hectic, time-consuming and poses many challenges. The experience can also be very rewarding for the assignee and accompanying family members who have made all the right preparations. For the unwary and unprepared, it can be an unpleasant experience.

This also goes for cultural awareness and intercultural communication. Knowing what culture entails, how cultural differences manifest themselves, why it is important to deal with cultural differences and the characteristics and skills required for reconciling these differences.

To be able to communicate effectively and multiculturally is very important, not only on a personal level. This ability can also not be underestimated in a business environment. The success of international trade depends on the smooth interaction of employees from different cultures and regions, unlike clashes as a result of cultural differences that often frustrate communication, continuity and trust.

During this training program, Sheriff Aligbeh will help you gain a realistic view of what to expect when engaging in a multicultural environment and how to manage these cultural differences. You will earn and master those skills necessary for effective communication with culturally diverse partners or in cross-cultural settings.

Venue: Vergadercentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Start 13:00/ end 16:30 CET

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