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Everaert Advocaten is recognised nationally and internationally as one of the leading firms in migration law in the Netherlands. Be it for a short term residence permit or permanent residence, we offer our clients tailored migration solutions. We are also available for migration related legal procedures, such as acquiring Dutch nationality, and international adoptions.

Because of our up-to-date knowledge of national and international laws and regulations regarding migration, as well as ongoing developments in this field we are able to provide our clients with strategic advice and effective solutions to specific migration issues.

All over the world, employers are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers in their local labor market. In order to make it easier for these employers to attract expertise from abroad, many countries have relaxed their immigration restrictions regarding entry, work, and residency for this specific group of workers, including the Netherlands.

In 2004, the Netherlands introduced the Highly Skilled Migrant Regulation, a fast, relatively simple, and therefore popular regulation to attract foreign expertise. Provided that the criteria set by this regulation are met, the employer is not required to apply for a work permit, meaning that a residence permit, obtained via a relaxed application procedure will suffice.

However, one of the criteria is the employer must be a Recognised Sponsor and adhere to the statutory obligations under this regulation among which is the obligation to Duty of Care. If it appears the duty of care has not been fulfilled, a penalty will be imposed immediately. Furthermore, upon the third fine within 5 years due to non-compliance with the duty of care, the Recognised Sponsorship will be withdrawn, resulting in the expiration of any existing highly skilled migration permits and the refusal of any future applications.

So, the question rises: in the context of a Recognised Sponsorship, what does the Duty of Care entail?

In this Week’s Webinar, Marcel Reurs of Everaert Attorneys-at-Law, will explain the concept of Duty of Care and show you what it looks like IN PRACTICE.

The webinar starts at 4 pm CET and consists of a 30-minute presentation followed by questions and discussions.


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