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Expat Management Group specializes in all aspects of corporate Immigration and the Relocation of employees and individuals. The company has the stability and experience of a large firm while still providing the flexibility of smaller businesses. All these combined means that we can offer a wide variety of services, collaborating with Relocation and Immigration partners worldwide. With an in-house Immigration and Relocation team working closely together, we are able to prioritize smooth and prompt communication, both between our teams and between our clients and us.

According to the Dutch Immigration Service IND, a highly-skilled migrant is defined as a non-EU national who works for a Recognized Sponsor in the Netherlands on the basis of a work contract and fulfils specific age, salary and experience requirements.

An EU Intra Company Transferee is a non-EU national that is employed as a manager, specialist, or trainee by an entity of the company outside the EU at the time of application and transferred to an entity of the company inside the EU.

In practice, some migrants fulfil the requirements of both programs and can opt for either the HSM permit or the EU ICT permit. However, although the requirements for eligibility are met, there are significant differences in outcomes between these schemes.

In this Week's Webinar, Nihat Kurt of Expat Management Group will show you the differences and, more importantly, the red flags you need to take into account when choosing one instead of the other scheme.

The webinar starts at 4 pm CET and consists of a 30-minute presentation followed by questions and discussions.


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