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Even for the experienced Global Mobility professional, keeping up to date with immigration requirements remains a challenge.

This Learning Event on Corporate Immigration in Practice offers an insightful program from the perspective of the corporate HR GM function, the assignee, the authorities, the relocation agent and the immigration advisor.


Part 1 Global Topics: General but easily misunderstood areas and key traps (09:30 - 12:30)

  • Do we need a corporate establishment and if so, what are the requirements;
  • Do we need a local employment contract and if so, what are the requirements;
  • How to choose the most beneficial work permit type;

  • How to avoid unnecessary extensions/confusion;

  • How to manage expectations: understanding the permit application process and timelines;

  • How to handle cross-overs with the relo team efficiently;

  • How to prepare for a labour/ immigration audit: compliance checks;

  • What is an Immigration Compliance Policy and how to implement it;
  • What are the assignee’s main concerns and how to address them.

Part 2 Legal Compliance: A multidisciplinary approach (13:30 - 17:00)

  • HSM salary threshold and net allowances 
  • The EU ICT Permit: State of Affairs and implications from a labour law, tax and social security perspective
  • Schengen Business travellers 
  • U.S. immigration developments
  • Update Brexit
  • Reporting Obligations
  • Suggestions for more topics are welcome.

Additionally, practical cases will be discussed. Participants have the opportunity to bring their cases to these discussions. 


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