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Relocating Partner Support - Benchmark & New Insights

Facts and data are abundant in international mobility and talent deployment: they are essential to properly guiding corporations as they review their international mobility needs and weigh their delivery options.

Unfortunately, much-needed data in partner/spousal assistance has been dramatically missing in recent years. As a result, EY and NetExpat published in 2018, in collaboration with the active support of major international employer organizations such as WERC, NFTC, Cindex, and Magellan, the largest Relocating Partner Survey with the intent to provide a clearer understanding of this key component of international mobility.

The EY and NetExpat Relocating Partner Survey is today the most comprehensive survey ever conducted on the partner topic, with over 3500 respondents from around the world, with 121 host countries represented. The magnitude of data gathered provides tremendous clarity to a critical issue that lacked quantitative analysis until now. It offers multiple perspectives from the corporate HQ, the regional HR counterparts, international mobility, talent, total rewards, and ultimately, the voice of mobile employees and their partners.

Join Julia Palmer, Associate Partner, People Advisory Services at EY and Alain Verstandig, President at NetExpat as they present the results and discuss the future of partner assistance in global mobility.

Join us on Tuesday, September 25th at 3pm CEST time zone for a live webinar with Expatise Academy.

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Meet the lecturers

Executive Director and Associated Partner EY

Alain Verstandig, President, NET EXPAT Group