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In cases of international assignments people live, work, and temporarily stay in different countries. 

At the same time, at all these locations in the world, a situation might arise in which one is in need of a doctor and/or medication, where someone needs to be admitted to a hospital, transported by an ambulance, etc. At all times it should be clear whether there is coverage by health care insurance, to what extend expenses are insured, how expenses get reimbursed, etc..

Particularly in the case of health care, you can not afford the assignee having doubts whether insurance is properly taken care of.

However, whether, where and how health care is administered and expenses are paid and whether, where and how these health care expenses are insured and will be reimbursed when dealing with international assignments, could transform into a labyrinth that may well lead to undesirable outcomes such as non-compliance fines, double insurance or even worse ... absence of insurance.

This Learning Event will show you how to find your way out of the maze in a structured manner.

We have optimized this event by applying a knowledge based classification that distincts beginner/ intermediate level and advanced level:

  1. Beginner = less than 3 years relevant work experience
  2. Intermediate = between 3 and 5 year relevant work experience
  3. Advanced = more than 5 years relevant work experience.

This event is appropriate for beginners/ intermediate level professionals.


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