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Compliance, Strategy, Talent Mobility

The European Intra-Company Transfer permit is a new phenomenon in the Visa & Permits landscape that relates to intra corporate transfers of executives, specialists and trainees.

This permit is based on an EU Directive which entails that all EU member states are obligated to implement it in their national legislation and enforce its application when the transfer falls within its scope and meets its conditions. In other words, employers don’t have a choice and are obligated to apply for the EU ICT permit.

Where Law and Practice Diverge 

What makes it complicated is that once the transferee has entered this EU ICT permit environment next assignments require careful planning and structuring. This is where legislation and practice diverge, because Business’ needs are hard to predict and structuring assignments requires preparation time, something Business doesn’t have in abundance.

Our Learning Event covered 3 aspects of this important topic:

  1. Compliance: which requirements need to be met (cases)
  2. Strategy: what are the options to work around the EU ICT Permit and how to create an alternative routing without jeopardizing Immigration, Employment Law, Social Security and Tax compliance (introduction + cases)
  3. Talent Management: stakeholders to an efficient and compliant talent development path need to work closely together but who are the stakeholders, how to align opposite interests, how to organise and stay in control of this collaboration, what are practice experiences re. success and failure in this respect, etc. (keynote speaker + discussion).

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