Topics covered during the event

Part I – In The Morning (aprox. 3 hours) Personnel in Payroll

Fiscal Administrative Requirement: Setup in Payroll, Payslips, Annual Income Statements, Wage Statements

Wage Tax: Payroll Tax Brackets, Wage Tax Credits, Special Tax Rates

Social Security: National Insurance, Employed Persons’ Insurance, Health Care Insurance

Payroll Taxes: Payroll Tax Tables, Conversion Rules, Processing 30%-ruling in Payroll


Part II – In The Afternoon (approx. 3 hours)

Gross to net Calculations: Gross to Net, Special Payments.

Break out: participants are to make a gross to net calculation by hand.

Payroll Taxes Return: Payroll Taxes Return Process, Identification Part, Collective part, Nominative Part, Payroll Processes & Systems, Common Payroll Process.

Insightful Control for International Assignees, Technology & Wage Types, Customerization leading to Employee Centricity.




The teacher: Max van der Klis

The teacher: Max van der Klis