In part 1 of this practice training (10.00-13.00), Sanne van Ruitenbeek will address the following types of cross-border labor mobility from a labor law perspective:
- International Commuters
- Foreign local hire
- Business Trip
- Temporary International Transfer
- Digital Nomads
- Short-term assignment (<1 yr)
- Long-term assignment (<5> yr)
- Hybrid work,
in terms of constructions that might match
- the Termination construct
- the Secondment construct
- the Suspension I construct
- the Suspension II construct
- Dual Employment construct
and contracts you need to put in place to build a solid structure regarding labor rights and obligations, immigration, taxation, social security, and pension.
In part 2 of the training (14.00-17.00), Alain Camonier will explain
- the extra-territorial scope of national Labor Law regimes,
- the rules that apply to determine which regime(s) will govern the employment,
- the red flags, liability risks, and repercussions in terms of financial and reputational damages when multiple regimes apply simultaneously,
- the set-up of the remote/ hybrid work contract with a special focus on the reintegration after illness, the (dis)functioning of the employee, and the employer's liabilities in case of injuries.