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Peer-to-Peer Learning

The Expatise® Learning Concept combines not only traditional Classroom Methods and Online Digital Media, but is in fact a Blend of 6 Learning Concepts:

  1. In-Class Learning: Lectures and discussions conducted by Expatise Faculty Members

  2. Distance Learning: Online Self-Study: Handbooks, e-learning Tests, Video Lessons, Peer-to-Peer Communities,

  3. Adaptive Learning: Performance Responsive Learning 

  4. Performance Learning: Practice Case Studies and Policy Review during In-Class Sessions

  5. Peer-to-peer Learning (social learning): Physical & Virtual Network Meetings

  6. Continuing Learning: Online Memo Training & Learning News Service


To support peer-to-peer learning, the Expatise Educate Yourself Portal provides access to online communities: a social context where participants exchange information, share experiences, compare approaches, jointly explore solutions and help each other overcome the challenges of their profession.

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