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Just in time Learning

At the point of need, anywhere and at any time

We are all familiar with that nagging uncertainty about whether your knowledge is still up to date, whether you really understand how to apply basic principles in that particular case you are working on, wishing for immediate help and access to knowledge there and then, right when you need it. 

At Expatise Academy, we understand that in a working environment as challenging as Global Mobility it is impossible to know everything you need to know at all times. We also understand the pressure of time and budget constraints in combination with the delicate balance between work and lifestyle.

That is why we have developed a second stream of efficient and effective lifelong learning: "just-in-time" learning. As opposed to our comprehensive learning paths, this stream offers a suite of bite size online courses on a wide range of relevant topics that enables self-directed learning: the learner determines his/her own personal learning strategy there and then.  

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