At the end of the nineteenth century the German psychologist Ebbinghaus discovered that people forget about 80 percent of newly acquired knowledge within 24 hours. Imagine the training effort wasted as a result. Our MemoTrainer™ app offers the solution!

MemoTrainer integrates the theory of Ebbinghaus "retention through repetition" in a unique way in an online learning solution. The system trains knowledge in a personalized way so learners remember more and pass their courses quicker. 

Personal repetition scheme: the Key to not forgetting

Research shows that the human brain accepts new concepts largely through constant recall. Moreover, certain knowledge areas need more attention than others to store them in our long term memory. MemoTrainer is designed to challenge learners by selective repetition and used smart exercises to activate knowledge. The knowledge that learners struggle with will be shown more often, thereby creating a personal repetition scheme.

Improved business case of learning

Statistics of MemoTrainer use show improved examination marks. Learners will also remember everything they learned during their course a lot longer. In several cases it is shown that the use of MemoTrainer improves the business case for training.

Practice whenever and wherever with the MemoTrainer app