Expatise Academy and FIDI Academy, both leading education institutions in the field of Global Mobility (GM), have joined forces and will work together towards worldwide recognition of the complexity and importance of the GM functions for the overall success of the organisation and well-being of the assignee and their family.

Through this coalition, Expatise and FIDI will not only cover the full process of GM, incorporate the interests of all stakeholders in the GM value chain and reach all ranks within the GM domain. By combining their respective expertise, they will raise the bar and become the Gold Standard for high quality, innovative and competence-driven education on behalf of the HR GM, Relocation and International Moving industry.

As a result, they will contribute to the further professionalization of the GM functions, the branding of GM as a profession and credible certification of GM professionals and the organizations that they work for.

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The FIDI Academy also promotes career development by recognising and rewarding individuals and companies that encourage industry knowledge. Read more about career points here.

For more information on in-house training and workshops, do not hesitate to contact us at academy@fidi.org