Wendy is a subject matter expert in the field of international social security consulting. She has more than 9 years of experience in advising clients about international mobility and is mainly focused on all aspects in the field of international social security. She is manager in the Global Mobility practice of PwC in the Netherlands and responsible for the social security consulting and compliance work. Wendy is experienced with social security related issues of clients operating all over the world.
Wendy has a Master Degree in fiscal economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and is a member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors (NOB). She has published several articles about social security related matters, such as the social security position of project workers and employees working on sea-going vessels.

Wendy’s key experience includes:

  • Advise about technical aspects and in depth analysis in the field of international social security;
  • Assist clients with their social security compliance for international employees and embed processes in multinational organisations;
  • Analysing the company’s position from an international social security perspective, aligning their position with their policies and strategic goals.
  • Wendy is a member of Expatise Faculty since 2016.

Wendy has been a member of the Expatise Faculty since 2016.