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What sets Expatise apart from any other educator

Expatise® is a not-for-profit, collaborative network organization (foundation) dedicated to being a driving force behind the professional growth of HR Global Mobility, Comp&Ben and Payroll specialists, and worldwide recognition of their relevance for the company’s success.

It is our goal to not only enhance organizational readiness and enable these professionals to be adequately equipped to respond to global challenges, but also to raise global awareness about the complexity and importance of the Global Mobility, Comp&Ben and Payroll functions. Recruiting and retaining top global talent is essential to your success.

We offer our colleagues an innovative approach to learning that will grow expertise in their own time at their own pace and in all stages of their career.

And it is our dedicated team of Faculty members, Education Partners, Advisory Board members, Supervisory Board members and Knowledge Partners who truly make the difference in delivering and sustaining this differentiating learner experience in all of our activities and offerings. 

If in-depth understanding of the challenges ahead, an open mind on innovation, the ambition to make a difference and perseverance in achieving goals are the driving forces behind your performance, than you will feel at home with us.  

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