From a corporate, assignee, government, advisor and relocation point of view

Processes and Procedures: Global Topics

1) Corporate establishment issues/requirements

- The need to have an entity (or not?)

- If entity is needed are all forms created equally? (rep office/branch/subsidiary)

- Other things to think about: Level of funding required (stated capital), Local staff levels required, Sponsor license for immigration purposes required

2) Clear understanding of (long-term) assignment goals for the expat

- To choose the most beneficial work permit type

- Avoid unnecessary extensions/confusion

3) Understanding of permit application process and timeline to manage expectations

- Time involved to secure documents (police clearances, educational docs, experience letters, birth/marriage/divorce/adoption certificates, apostilles, legalizations, translations)

- Company involvement and corporate documents required (audited financials, annual reports, P/O statements, business registrations, org charts, etc.)

Travel permitted during process or not

- Cross-overs with the relo team (lease required, when can HHG clear customs, etc.)

- When can the individual start/must travel to the host country

4) Compliance checks

- Right to work check

- Where to keep immigration docs

- Readiness for a labor/immigration audit: Self-audit, Training

- End of assignment considerations

- Withdrawal/notification of permit

- Sponsor return home/exit?

5) The assignee’s main concerns:

- Can my family join?

- Can my spouse work?

- What about tax implications?

- Who pays for what?

Compliance (multi-disciplinary): State of Affairs and Best Practices

1) The EU ICT Permit

2) Brexit

3) Dutch Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme (meeting the salary requirement) 

4) US Immigration practice

5) Schengen Business Traveller

6) Reporting Obligations