Global rewarding with both feet on the ground

In 2014, the Expatise® Academy launched the post-graduate Global Rewards Training Course, an extensive, all-encompassing training for experienced Comp&Ben professionals.

The course is practice-driven and aims to develop in-depth knowledge on international rewarding, use solution-focused applications, gain practical expertise in finding reliable information sources and service providers, train skills in the independent use and management of standard processes, and build up a network of peers to share experiences/ exchange information.

The course consists of 7 modules and takes place over 14-full day sessions spread over a period of 18 months. During the class sessions, learners will be challenged regarding their knowledge and skills by Expatise Faculty members and in open discussions with their peers.

The course will be completed with designing and defending a Comp&Ben policy for their company.


Participants who pass the exam are awarded the Expatise Certified (EC) Global Rewards Advisor designation: GlobalRewards AdvisorEC.

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