The International Comp&Ben Curriculum is based on practice experiences with boardroom disputes.

The topics will be discussed from the perspective of the countries of the participants' origin, subsequently the European Union member states and Treaty countries and, finally, from a global perspective.

Module 1:  The Environment of our Profession

1-day programme

  • The importance of C&B / Reward and Recognition programmes for organizations and their employees.
  • The ever-changing environment and the effect on organizational structures and relations with employees.
  • Holding versus local operations. 
  • Communication within the organization (from board to floor) and with external stakeholders: The effectiveness of new ways of communication.
  • Present labour market and future labour market 2020-2030; The war for talent.
  • What are the aims of C&B and how to measure results.
  • Cost of C&B programs, their effectiveness in terms of acceptance and return on investment.
  • How to translate strategy into C&B policies, and how to manage policies globally, regionally and locally.
  • Reward in different cultures, generations and workforce segments (one size fits all ? what works, what is effective?)
  • What CEO and board members need and how to provide it.
  • The need for alignment C&B, Mobility and Talent Management.

Module 2:  Compensation

4-day programme

  • The fundamentals: How applied around the world.
  • Job Evaluation: Most frequent used systems.
  • Benchmarking: How to get the best out of it, comparing systems and results. Results of C&B benchmarking projecting in organization and structures.
  • Policy making, implementation and management: How to develop/ adjust a salary structure and salary increase method. Performance management: how to develop, how to check on effectivenes: How to develop a variable pay plan for different employee groups/ countries.
  • Variable Pay: The balance between primary income(cash), secondary (non cash but taxable income) and tertiary (non cash, non taxable).

Module 3:  Top Executives Reward

1-day programme

  • Top executives and board members reward
  • Directors’ fees, pension plans, stock option schemes, bonuses, severance payments.
  • Best practices, worst case scenarios.
  • International mobility of executives.

Module 4:  Benefits

2-day programme

  • Benefits versus salary, what people motivate and how we reward.
  • International Pension plans, systems and principles around the world.
  • Insurances: national and international schemes.
  • The international scope of national Labour Law.
  • Local benefits in different countries & the borders in terms of national Labour law.
  • Non-financial benefits: education, career development, commitment.
  • Request For Proposal, contract management, deploying service providers and monitor their results.

Module 5  International Mobility

2-day programme

  • International Mobility Policy Matrix
  • The five main ingredients: Labour Law, Visa & Permits, Social Security, Employment Tax, Duty of Care/ Travel safety.
  • The assignment process: Different types of assignments.
  • Risks and pitfalls re. self employed persons, business travelers, commuters, stealth expats, temp agencies;
  • The International Mobility process: bottle necks and how to stay in control;
  • C&B for international mobile employees and hires;
  • International taxation: how to avoid double taxation, how to optimize taxation. 
  • The 3 pillar social security system: how to align home and host country schemes.
  • Avoiding non compliance.

Module 6  Business Economics and other topics

3-day programme

  • Change Management and communication.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Process technology.
  • HR governance.
  • Systems (excel, SAP, Benefit Statement).
  • Project management.
  • The revival of the Global Employment Company and Shared Service Centers.
  • Business ethics/ SOX.
  • International Business.
  • Financial Management.

Module 7  Gaming

1-day programme

Game-based final assessment.


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